International Association of Rural Health and Medicine(IARM)
Easter Greetings from Poland to Japanese Association of Rural Medicine (JARM) 【New】

Dear Dr. Shuzo Shintani, President of JARM

Thank you for your kind e-mail. I’m very happy to learn that you are a Christian. I’m also a Christian (Roman Catholic) and I received the names Magda Jadwiga at christening (Magda is after Maria Magdalena).

I work at KRUS which is Polish Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. It is a state institution that ensures the service of old age and disability pension insurance, accident insurance and maternity insurance, and medical insurance for farmers and their families (wifes and children). Apart from ensuring the social security system for farmers, it also ensures accident and health prevention activities for rural families and offers medical rehabilitation for farmers who risk becoming disabled and loosing capacity for work. The farmers who belong to our agriculture social security system are individual farmers with relatively small or very small farms. I work at KRUS at the Communication and International Cooperation Office and with my colleague Ms. Magdalena Szewczyk and my director Ms. Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke we take care of KRUS international cooperation. I was born in Warsaw and graduated from Institute of Political Sciences in Paris (I hold a Master in International Business).

Thank you for your good wishes related to fighting against the coronavirus. We are still struggling with it in Europe, especially in Italy and Spain, but also France and Germany have many hospital cases. In Poland and in general, in Central Europe, the situation is slightly better but the COVID-19 is still dangerous and we have to stay at home to avoid contact with people. Currently, there are 10759 infected patients and 463 dead patients in Poland (data of 24.04.2020).

I wish you good health and success with the battle against coronavirus in Japan.

Yours sincerely,

April 24, 2020

Magda Wieczorkiewicz

Chief Specialist
Communication and International Cooperation Office

Agricultural Social Insurance Fund
al. Niepodległości 190, Warsaw, Poland