International Association of Rural Health and Medicine(IARM)

Welcome to the Website of the International Association of Rural Health and Medicine (IARM). Your visit gives me the opportunity to give you a short introduction into the objectives and into the approach of our association.


Originally founded as International Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAAMRH) in 1961 in Tours (France) our Association looks back on a long lasting tradition of dealing with the challenges of rural health care. As a collaborative network of health scientists, practitioners and health-care decision makers from all over the world our aim is to facilitate the access of the entire population to the basic elements of health promotive, preventive and treatment services worldwide.

  According to the WHO – Health for All – goals, IARM, therefore,
  focuses on the specific health care problems of rural and remote areas
  helps members to adopt a scientific approach in the field of community health care development
  offers a platform for multi-professional discussions on rural health.
  Based on decades of experiences in the field of Rural Health, the “hot spots” of our concern are:
  Country area profiling in
  general health,
  occupational health
  mental health
  Ergonomics and safety
  Primary health care
  Health promotion and policy
  Intersectorial collaboration in community and rural health
  New media in health care
  If you are working in community and rural health care and you feel attracted by this program you are invited to learn more about our Association. Please, use the other chapters of our Website to inform yourself about news and upcoming events, to go deeper into the philosophy of IARM and find out more about the people behind it. And, may be, you get convinced to become member of our rural health network. In this case, it is my personal pleasure to welcome you to our Association.
  Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Hannich
President of IARM

History  12 July 1961, Tours (France), at 1st International Congress of Rural Medicine, as International Association of Agricultural Medicine . Subsequently changed title to International Association of Agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAAMRH) -- Association internationale de médecine agricole et de santé rurale , 1978. Current title adopted, 13 Oct 2009, when association was revived with relocation of Secretariat to Japan. Original statutes legally approved 23 June 1962.

Aims  Support the WHO goal of "Health for All in the 21st Century"; help improve the status of health of rural communities and protect the health of agricultural workers; help member organizations adopt a scientific approach in the field of agricultural medicine and rural health and assist in its practical application; establish effective collaboration with other branches of medicine, health, agricultural, environmental and other related sciences; study the effects of social, physical and environmental conditions on human health.

Structure  General Assembly (every 3 years at Congress); Executive Board; Presidency; Regional Chapters (4); Specialized commissions.

Languages  English.

Finance  Members' dues.

Consultative Status  ILO.

IGO Relations  Cooperates with a number of United Nations organizations, including:
-- FAO; -- UNESCO; -- WH

NGO Relations  Links with:
-- International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering ;
-- International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) .